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Case Studies

Sales Case Study ...

The client company manufactured rubber products. Following a Management Buy-Out, there was a gap in the management team. They didn't have direct sales experience within the company, and also could not afford a full time sales person with experience of the industry. One of Perrite's Business Advisers having experience of the industry, was able to provide sales cover to develop the company, working on a commission basis.

Mentoring Case Study

A Perrite Mentor worked with a start-up business wanting to produce aromatherapy oils and accessories in Chorley. The client had been in this field as a hobby, and now wished to move it onto a commercial footing. The Mentor provided support throughout the decision process, advised on the preparation of a business plan to raise funding and provided impartial advice when a business angel offered funding in exchange for equity. The Mentors extensive portfolio of business contacts was also utilized when packaging and advertising was required.

Business Planning Case Study

The client company manufactured plastics and rubber products primarily to the footwear industry. They were market leaders in the products they manufactured. Considerable investment had taken place in the past in both plant and training of technical staff. As the footwear industry in the UK was in decline and production was moving overseas to India and the Far East, manufacturing utilization at the client company also declined. With vast experience of the industry a Business Adviser was able to look at the business in-depth, and determined that the technical skills and capability was already present at the client. A Marketing Plan was developed to utilize these skills to enter other industrial markets such as extrusions and hose moulding, fabric proofing and adhesives. Sales into these markets were grown from zero to over '400,000 in 2 years. Export sales were also developed in Europe and Australia by recruiting local distributors.

Finance Case Study

A Perrite Business Adviser was able to assist in the raising of Venture Capital Finance for a company based in Burnley, coupled to bank finance and invoice discounting, to enable a MBI (Management Buy-In) to be successfully completed.

Strategic Planning Case Study

The client was a member of a diversified industrial group of companies based in Chorley, Warrington and Manchester. There was a Divisional structure in place, with businesses manufacturing products, complimentary to the footwear manufacturing industry. The client company manufactured rubber and plastics moulding compounds used in soles and heels. Also within that Division were companies manufacturing soling sheeting in rubber and leather, together with plastics heels. Within other Divisions companies were manufacturing adhesives and coated fabrics used in footwear, as well as other industries worldwide. To develop an enhanced corporate image, and brand, to large footwear manufacturers world-wide, and India and Asia in particular, one of the team of Perrite Business Advisers brought these companies together, from different divisions, to market themselves as a large group able to supply all the materials required by worldwide footwear manufacturers. A new corporate image, and brand, for this grouping was developed and a marketing plan produced, which included advertising in worldwide journals and exhibiting as a group, whilst still maintaining the individual identities of the individual companies, at major exhibitions in Hong Kong and Europe. This produced a major synergistic benefit for the combined group, and as well as growing sales for the individual companies directly, sales distributors were appointed to develop new export sales for the combined grouping.

Training Case Study

A Perrite Business Adviser regularly provides sales and networking courses in Burnley, Preston and Blackburn to pre- and new start businesses on the New Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme with businesses ranging from importing of industrial products, photography, glass-blowing of fine art to alternative therapies.

Acquisitions Case Study

Perrite worked with a management team in Manchester who were offered the opportunity to purchase their business from the parent company who were disposing of non-core businesses. The Perrite Business Advisers worked with the management team in the preparation of a Business Plan which was used for raising the appropriate finance, to complete the acquisition.

Disposals Case Study

Following the sudden death of the major shareholder and technical expert of an R&D business in Preston, the other shareholders then also wished to make an exit and retire. Perrite's Business Adviser worked with the remaining shareholders to prepare sale documentation, and market the business to potential purchasers and then worked closely with the vendors throughout the sale process.

Grants Case Study

Perrite worked closely with a breeder of exotic snakes and lizards in Preston to secure specialist grant funding to assist in development of his business. After researching grant funding availability, Perrite worked closely with the client to prepare their application and business plan for grant funding.

Specialist Advice Case Study

Perrite's Business Advisers are continually working with pre-start, new-start and established businesses. They will assist a potential new business in the preparation of business plans which the client can then utilize in raising start-up finance from banks and other funding agencies.