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Business Improvement Techniques

"You know how most businesses want to improve profits, efficiency and customer service and employee engagement?"

"Which means that they need to reduce rejects, improve delivery times and reduce costs, and improve employee engagement"

"What we do is to carry out a diagnostic of your business processes and work with your employee teams to introduce cost saving, and efficiency improvement techniques which are developed with your employees who also take ownership of continually improving processes. As employees are close to the operation they know what can be improved from this close involvement"

This means that your improve efficiency, reduce rejects, improve customer service and delivery time and reduce waste. This leads to an improvement in your profits and better employee engagement.

Business Improvement Techniques (BITS) such as:-

Case Study - Manufacturing Company

The client had a problem with meeting delivery times to it´s customers, had high waste levels, had to re-manufacture wrongly produced orders, produced too may rejects and had high customer returns. One of Perrite´s team carried out a diagnostic of the problems in several key departments. We involved a team of operatives from each of these departments ands worked closely with them to identify areas of waste, how to reduce rejects, and improve efficiency. We explained the use of the above tools to the teams and they took ownership of the problems, and with guidance solved them themselves. They also took ownership for their section and continually revisited the processes and continually made improvements - This is the basis of Kaizan. The teams reduced waste and rejects, improved delivery times and customer returns and are now self managing their own sections to improve efficiency. This has resulted in improved customer satisfaction, reduced order lead times and improved profits.